date 'YYYYMMDD' (UT)   time 'HHMMSS' (UT)
# of dates   interval between dates
center: geo, helio, bary   angle format: zod, dms, dm, deg
layout row-per:date, datebody   zodiac: tropical, sidereal, sidsp
comma-delimited bodies
 sort for single-date positions list

fields Names & Meanings
, | ecl. Longitude, Latitude     , | ecl. Long. of north, south nodes*
, | daily move of Long, Lat     , | ecl. Long. of perihelion, aphelion*
, | equ. RA, Declination     | ecl. Long. of 2nd Focus*
, | daily move of RA, Decl     | body name from ephemeris file
, | Distance (AU), daily change in Distance     , | ecl. X, Y, Z (AU), daily change of each
| daily arc move on sphere     | daily XYZ (AU) move
| ecl. Long. arc from first body     | arc-distance from first body
| distance (AU) to first body     | ecl. Long. recentered on first body
| change in distance (AU) to first body     | measured along first body's inst plane
| instantaneous node (ecliptic)     | instantaneous node (equator)
| instantaneous tilt (ecliptic)     | instantaneous tilt (equator)
| ecliptic bearing from dX, dY     | spaceVector - Long(0can=D 0lib=SD 0cap=Rx 0ari=SRx)
| measured along each body's plane     | ecliptic arc forward from perihelion
| for finding O.O.B. with Tilt as first     | ownEcliptic - Long
* in Geocentric output, these are points in space at a finite distance from the Sun, and affected by geocentric perspective.
* in Heliocentric output, there is no perspective shift so it does not matter.

bodies Example Names & Designations
Hylonome | name of asteroid     Mars | name of planet
5145 | # of asteroid     1966 TL66 | designation of #-less outer
a#433 | #of asteroid     p#1 | swiss ephemeris planet #
s#Aldebaran | star with name     standard_list | list of planets
TrueNode, oscApogee | lunar points     s#gal, s#andromeda, s#attractor | Galactic Core, Andromeda Galaxy, Great Attractor
G*Moon | geocentric Moon     H*Mercury | heliocentric Mercury